Sunday, 22 March 2015

Review: HelloHome BearHug Desk

HelloHome unveils two exciting NEW kids’ bedroom sets

HelloHome has launched its spring/summer collection of kids’ bedroom ranges, which combines fun design with stylish touches parents love. The latest toddler ranges - StarBright and BearHug - offer parents inspiration to transform their little one’s bedroom post nursery.

Assembling the desk with Alanas supervison
Half way there!
With age-appropriate toddler beds designed to ensure the transition from cot to bed runs as smoothly as possible, and complementary bedroom furniture to complete the look, both the StarBright and BearHug range have been developed to inspire parents with creative kids’ bedroom ideas. Offering fresh design for modern families, the neutral colour palette makes the ranges perfect for both little girls and boys.

To help provide inspiration, HelloHome has teamed up with interior designer, Leah Hughes (of Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover fame), who’s compiled her favourite pieces from this season, along with hints and tips to transform kids’ bedrooms. So if you are looking to revitalise your little one’s bedroom on a budget this season, then head over to the website to be inspired.

We were kindly given the opportunity to choose a product from the new spring/summer collection, after some consideration we went for the BearHug Desk.
With us giving all the bedrooms a makeover we were going to put the new desk up into the girls bedroom as it would of looked lovely with it being the same colour scheme of their bedroom. But then we thought that would be a bad idea incase they got abit too creative with their crayons during the night or early in the morning when we wouldn't be in the room to see (we do use of brains sometimes haha). It would be some shock to go into their room the following morning to scribbles all over the white walls ekkk!

The beautiful desk has found a lovely spot within the living room, therefore it will get used quite often and people will be able to see the stylish desk when they come into our home.
Alesha & Alana
The desk came flat packed in a cardboard box which was wrapped in plastic so there was no way of rain getting into it and making the cardboard go all wet and soggy.
Brandon had no problem at all putting the desk together, even with 'little legs' Alana trying to run off with parts here and there! In total it took just under 5 minutes to put together without a hassle it was as easy as abc.

Alana couldn't wait to try it out before her big sister Aleha got home from school. She looked so cute sat on the little seat placing her crayons into the rubber pot holders. The desk reminded me of an old fashioned school desks from years ago, but however this desk was much more stylish in colour and in design.
I really like how it's wooden and not a cheap plastic desk which would get broken and ruined in no time at all! The bear design is beautiful, it's very eye catching especially for the younger eyes who like to ask questions about the type of animal it is etc.
Both Alesha and Alana liked to show us where the eyes on the desk were and also said the rubber pot holders were the bears ears, they found that quite amusing that the bear had pots for ears!

HelloHome BearHug Desk - creative kids will love the HelloHome BearHug Desk. With in-built pen pots, your little ones can sit up and start scribbling straight away. RRP £49.99.

The stylish new HelloHome StarBright and HelloHome BearHug products are available from Argos,, and Amazon, which complement the existing toddler and junior furniture ranges that include licenses such as Peppa Pig, Thomas the Tank Engine and popular Disney characters.

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