Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Haven Marton Mere Blackpool - Waste Of Money

A few weeks ago we booked a break away to Marton Mere, a well known Haven family holiday site which is situated within Blackpool.

We decided to book the break away as that will be our last holiday as a family of 4 before our new addition arrives in July. 

Even before we entered the site I was already very disappointed because I thought the Satnav had brought us to the wrong location because firstly, the entrance was next to a street full of house so when we turned left and the last house 'we had reached our destination' but sadly there was no sign saying Haven! There was a sign that said Marton Mere caravan park but that could of being any caravan park so I got Brandon to double check the road we were on with the road on Haven website and to my disbelief we were in the correct location.
Once we drove in it looked okay, there was nothing to get excited over no wow factor. We were grateful that our caravan was ready early for us as we arrived at 3.30 and our check in wasn't till 4pm.I think that was due to the fact we went during low season when the school weren't on holidays just yet!

The restaurant and fish and chip shop were nice, but sadly the swimming pool wasn't anything special as it had no separate kids paddling part, it was just one pool and not even a slide in sight. 

The entertainment was rubbish and very boring to say the least, normally when we go on family holidays we like to stay out late like we did at Pontins but here all we did was yawn. There was nothing really for the grown up it was the same thing over & over again just the characters dressed up on stage or else the entertainers the are suppose to entertain the children.

We made sure Haven didn't put a downer on our few days in Blackpool so every day we drove to Blackpool town centre attractions to enjoy some fun with our girls.

I can honestly say we will never ever go back to Marton Mere, what a waste of money we spent booking it!

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