Thursday, 16 April 2015

We Have Decided On A Silvercross Red Surf Pram For Baby

When it comes to prams and pushchairs I have seriously lost count the number I've owned between both children.

It took me a while to decide which pram to get for baby number 3, and after ooooing and ahhing at a few different prams I finally made my mind up to purchase the Silvercross Red Surf after I came across on a local business baby shop Facebook page called Young Ones who are based in Hartlepool.

I have never been in their shop before so I spent alot of time looking at their products they had for sale on their Facebook page. Some of their stuff is second hand but in really good condition and all their products are well worth the price they are asking.
Our little sproglet's pram is second hand but in good condition and is only costing £175 and even better I can pay it off bit by bit. 

I really can't wait for July to arrive now so I can take little miss out in it, arghhhh so excited!

On Tuesday the 14th April Young One's posted a brilliant deal on their Facebook page, 'brand new Mothercare cotbed, brand new 13cm deep mattress, lover so much bear cot mobile, matching bumper and a apple and pears quilted cover' all that for a low cost price of £140!!!

If I didn't already have a cot for our little one, I would have snapped this offer up right away!
For more stock why not pop on over to their Facebook page here

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