Monday, 25 May 2015

Braun Waterflex Wet and Dry Electric Shaver - £79.99

Braun WaterFlex shavers offer amazing skin comfort and an excellent close shave even in problem areas with its contour-adaptive swivel head. They combine ergonomic Braun design with non-slip grip with German Braun quality standards. They are specifically designed for usage in the shower and/or with foam to provide an outstanding and comfortable skin feeling during the shave and to prevent skin irritation.

Brandon received a Braun Waterflex shaver to review, he was pleasantly surprised with the overall smooth soft finish.
He doesn't normally have a close shave, due to it making him look alot younger than his actual age. But now he has given the Braun Waterflex a try, he has put aside his normal beard trimmer as the Braun Waterflex will be the only shaver he uses now for quite sometime.
Features and Benefits
  • Braun’s superior closeness paired with outstanding skin experience, including 2 years warranty.
  • For dry or wet usability, with foam or even in the shower thanks to its fully sealed body.
  • Contour-adaptive swivel head – perfectly adapts around the jaw line and under the chin: It has been specifically designed to catch every hair on every contour and give you an excellent shave, even in problem areas. 
  • OptiBlade – our most advanced foil for perfect closeness that lasts longer: Its unique shape allows to capture more hair and cut them deeper than ever before. Braun has over 50 years of foil evolution experience culminating in our unique OptiBlade.
  • 3-stage cutting system – shaves long hair as easily as short hair.
  • Precision long hair trimmer for precise styling: To trim your sideburns, moustache or beard with this perfect and precise tool, simply slide the long hair trimmer upwards. Full charge in 1hour only - 45min. of cordless shaving: A quick 5min. charge is sufficient for 1 cordless shave. The SmartPlug has an automatic worldwide voltage adjustment (100V-240V). For your best convenience - at home or travelling.
What’s in the Box  
  • Braun WaterFlex shaver
  • Protective cap
  • SmartPlug
  • Cleaning brush

What's the difference between foil and rotary shavers?
Rotary shavers are designed to work with cyclical movements while Braun foil shavers are designed to work with efficient sideways movements on the skin giving perfect control and precision. The foils protect the skin from irritation and are specifically designed to deliver the most thorough and comfortable shave from Braun.
Do you have any recommendation on how to shave with an electric foil shaver?
We normally recommend that you shave before you take a shower. But with new Braun WaterFlex and other specific wet&dry shavers from Braun, you can even shave in the shower or with foam / gel. After a few days without shaving, for example during the weekend, you should trim your stubble before you shave. Stretch the skin and shave against the direction of beard growth. Hold the shaver at a right angle (90°) to your skin. Keep the pressure even to achieve the most thorough and comfortable shave from Braun.
How often do I need to change the shaver head? 
We recommend replacing all cutter parts every 18 months. We included a replacement part indicator in the display to ensure you know when to exchange the cutter parts, in order to return your shaver to 100% performance.
Does the battery have a memory effect as we know it from cell phone or laptops?
No, WaterFlex shavers use a Li-ion battery which has no memory effect. You can recharge it whenever you want and it has a low self-discharge rate (vs. NiMh batteries). Li-Ion batteries are therefore the most powerful and long-lasting battery available for Braun shavers.
Do the WaterFlex shavers have a warranty? How long is it?
All Braun shavers come with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.
These are normally priced at £159.99 but I have sourced them out online for alot cheaper, due to the fact that many companies are having Father's Day sales, so I'd advise you to buy now to avoid disappointment!

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