Monday, 25 May 2015

Family Day Out: Tweddle Farm

With the children having broke up from school for a week and Brandon been off work over the weekend we thought it would be a good idea to go on a family day out to Tweddle Farm.

Both girls, Alesha and Alana really like animals so we thought the farm would be ideal and we could make a day of it there considering there was a soft play for younger children and a separate one for the older ones. 

Before we set off on our 20 minute journey to Tweddle Farm, I sourced the internet for money off vouchers. I really pleased that my Google search had paid off and I found a voucher through . The voucher entitled 'free child with full paying adult'. That therefore ment that we didn't have to pay for Alesha or Alana so we dashed around to Brandons mothers house to use her printer to print the vouchers. In total we saved £11 as it costs £5.50 per child aged between 2-16 years. 

We sadly only spent an hour and a half at the farm because it was quite cold out with a strong breeze even though the sun was shining. Plus I'm 32 weeks pregnant so I couldn't do much walking around the farm. 

It's a big reasonable sized farm with a variety of different animals located inside small barns and also out on the farm. We bought the girls a bag of food each which cost 50p per bag so they could feed they animals. Alana wasn't too keen so she mostly stood back whilst Alesha and Brandon quite happily fed the animals.

Both the girls then went on the barrel ride (which was included in the entry price, one free ride). It lasted around 3 minutes max. 

We then took them to the under 5's indoor softplay area which they loved running around burning off more energy. 
After that we were all hungry and thirsty so we headed to the cafe situated near the entrance of the farm. Sadly that's a place we will never step foot in again. The prices are shocking for the small portion sizes and the place looked run down and miserable.

But overall we had a good day, we would visit again but only on a warm day so we could therefore stay for much longer and have a better walk around.

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