Monday, 18 May 2015

Pregnancy: Week 31

Hooray I've reached 31 weeks of my pregnancy, I think it's actually come around quite quickly. Let's hope the next few weeks fly by aswel, they should if the warm weather decides to make an appearance so we can go on days out instead of being stuck indoors.

My bump looks abit smaller than my previous two pregnancies in 2009 and 2012. I think with this girl I am carrying alot of weight on my back and sides (my loves handles are huge)!

Thankfully I am not suffering really bad with SPD this time around. My hips and legs do ache but more when I'm laid in bed during the night all I seem to do is toss and turn constantly trying to get comfy and ease the agonising pain in my hips, I spend more time awake than asleep. 
When I was pregnant with Alesha in 2009 and Alana in 2012 I had SPD really bad, I would cry during the day and night. Simple things like getting up out of bed or even off the toilet would be so painful, the pain would shoot from my hips straight down my legs. I was given a pregnancy support belt, there designed to help ease the weight and pressure from my bump off my legs. It didn't help much, so I was advised crutches but I decided not to go for that option and just got on with the pain, even thought it ment crying nearly everyday wanting my pregnancy to hurry up so I'd be pain free again. 
I have decided to opt for a water birth within my local birth centre in Hartlepool, it's situated only a 5 minute drive from my house. I just hope when the day comes that the pool is free and no other woman is labouring in it as I will be well and truly upset.
Both girls, Alesha and Alana can't wait to meet their little sister, they keep asking is it summer time yet so the doctor can take the baby out of my belly, bless 'em!

Last week me and Brandon washed all our our little sproglet's newborn and 0-3 months clothes and then hung them in her wardrobe ready for her arrival. We just need to decide on one for her 'coming home from hospital outfit'.

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