Monday, 18 May 2015

Review: The Fabulous Bakers New Natural Lunchbox Snack Range

With having 2 young daughters aged 5 and 2, it's always a nightmare to try and buy snacks they both enjoy and at the same time snacks which don't include junk food, i.e packet of crisps.
When were going on long journeys in the car or even a picnic out at a local park farm, they like to pack their own little lunch bags.

We were sent some of 'The Fabulous Bakers' new range of snacks to review, which included my favourite chocolate flapjacks, so I was therefore a happy bunny as soon as I opened the well packaged box!

The Fabulous Bakers new natural range are ideal for lunchtime snacks, or lunch boxes as they come individually wrapped. The Fabulous Bakers  have reformulated their products using only natural, honest ingredients with no artificial nonsense, ever!

The new product range consists of, 
Oat Bars
1.Bars of Berry Good Things (Made with American almonds & pecans, walnuts, raspberries, cranberries, Turkish apricots & raisins (without pesky artificial preservatives, often found in dried fruit), apple juice, oats and a smidge of ginger and cinnamon).
2.Mango & Pineapple Bars (Made with real, organic, pure fruit Mango, pineapple, papaya, a little bit of coconut, honey and jumbo oats),
3.Banana Brunch Bars (Made with real bananas, British oats, raisins, honey and no artificial nonsense, it’s a handy bar for morning munching on the move).

Alana trying to do thumbs up!
1.Triple Chocolate Muffins (made with double chocolate, free range eggs, British butter, lovely flour, a fabulous gooey ganache centre and no artificials),
2.Berry Nice Muffins (They’re made with real raspberries, strawberries, free range eggs, British butter, lovely flour, a fruity crumble topping, a fabulous real fruit compote centre and no artificials).
3.Banoffee Muffins (Banoffee muffins with gooey fudgey toffee centres, no less. Made with real bananas, natural fudge pieces, British butter, lovely flour and free range eggs).

Popcorn Bars
1.Apricot, Almond & White Chocolatey Popcorn Bars (Made with apricots that were naturally ripened in the sun (without the pesky artificials, found in most dried fruit), almonds that were pollinated by humble bees, white chocolate and the superstar- popcorn).
2.Raspberry & White Chocolatey Popcorn Bars (Made with real raspberries, white chocolatey marvel and, um, popcorn, obviously).

1.Chip Off The Old Chock Flapjacks (Made with milk chocolate chips, honey and British oats. Simple, yet tasty).
2.Golden Oaty Flapjacks (made with oats, honey and carob. Perfect for a day of Surfin’, singing or even wandering around the British countryside in the rain, munching on a tasty, slow-release energy, wholesome snack).
3.Strawberry & Blueberry Flapjacks (with simple oats, fruit and honey. Strawberry & Blueberry Flapjacks. Splendid).

1.Vanilla & Double Choc Cupcakes (light fluffy sponge, made from simple, store-cupboard ingredients, like free range eggs, flour and lots of chocolatey topping).
2.Double Choc Cupcakes (a simple, light, fluffy sponge, made from simple, store-cupboard ingredients, like free range eggs, flour and simple sugar, with a thick flooded chocolatey topping and chocolate curls).

1.Chocolate Macaroons (real coconut, free range egg, dark chocolate, sugar and a smidge of our not-so-secret ingredient, sour cream)!
2.Double Chocolate Mini Muffins (Made with free range eggs, British butter, flour and lots of chocolate. They’re 3 bites of brilliance).
  • All of The Fabulous Bakers range contain no artifical colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Proudly baked in Oxfordshire
  • Family owned
The new range got a massive thumbs up from me and the family including the man of the house Brandon.
Brandon's favourite was the 'Mango & Pineapple Bars', my favourite was the 'Chip Off The Old Chock Flapjacks' whereas both of the girls loved the 'Popcorn Bars'.
The girls, Alesha and Alana both packed a popcorn bar each into their lunch bags on Sunday to have as a yummy snack along with their sandwich for when we dropped them off at their Nanny's & Papa's house whilst me  and the Mr took a stroll around the carboot.
Today when Alesha came in from school she was rather upset when she realised that her and Alana had ate the popcorn bars and sadly there was none left. So tomorrows plan is,when we pick her up after school we will drive straight to Asda and she can nip in with me and buy a box or two.

I personally wasn't keen on the popcorn bars, the fruity popcorn taste just didn't tickle my tastebuds. Luckily Alana was sat next to me at the time so she finished the rest of the bar. 
I also found, that the new range the popcorn bars were the messiest, as soon as you opened the wrapper it started to fall apart and create quite a mess.

The flapjacks on the otherhand were totally out of this world, they were so soft and moist and tasted yummy! They didn't create any mess,not even an oat escaped my mouth!

The Fabulous Bakers range has just launched in Asda, with Ocado and Sainsbury's to follow shortly.

For more information please stop by their website

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter
I was sent these samples from The Fabulous Bakers free of charge, for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions my own.

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