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DryNites - BedMats Protecting Beds From Nighttime Accidents

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WIN A Bath Thermometer by John Lewis

A wonderful duck design bath thermometer which is waterproof and floats!
It's a great and fun way to check baby's bath water.
The thermometer has 3 indicators - 'too cold', 'ideal', and 'too hot'.
To be in with a chance of winning this prize, fill out the simple Gleam form below.

The winner will be drawn 08/07/15 at 11.59pm.


Bath Thermometer by John Lewis

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What I Packed In My Hospital Bag For When I Go Into Labour

It can be daunting to think of what you and your baby will need for your stay in hospital. With my first and second child I spent hours on Google doing abit of research to see what other parents packed.

This time round I didn't need the help of Google hooray! I thought it would be a good idea to write a post on what I've packed to helped other mums.

I'm having my baby at my local birthing centre, which is not a hospital with all the emergency care, so if anything goes wrong I will be rushed to my nearest hospital which is North Tees. 

My midwife informed me that I'll be staying in no longer than 6 hours, after I have given birth.
With that in mind I therefore decided not to pack much for me and baby, but here is what I have packed.

Macy's Bag (For Me)
  • 4 Pairs of knickers
  • 8 Breast Pads
  • 10 Maternity pads
  • Slippers
  • PJ's
  • Toiletries (Shampoo, Body wash, spray, toothbrush, toothpaste & hairbrush)
  • Face cloth (so my partner can wet it with cold water to cool me down during labour)
  • Towel
Las Vegas Bag (For Baby)
  • 2 Vests
  • Going home Outfit
  • Sleepsuit
  • Scratch Mits
  • Hat
  • Blanket
  • Baby Toiletries
  • 5 Nappies
  • Pack of wipes
  • Pack of cotton wool
  • Box of starter ready milk bottles
  • Bib

So there you have it, it looks like alot when it's wrote down like this in a list but really it isn't much.
I didn't pack a coming home outfit for me as I'll just wear my PJ's coming home (lazy me) haha!

NCT antenatal courses in Teesside

Are you expecting your baby in August, September, October or November? Have you thought about booking NCT Signature antenatal course?
If so, don't panic as there's still a few places left on the Teesside courses in Marton and Stockton, for more information and to reserve your place please click on the link below.

NCT antenatal courses are a great way to meet new parents and make lifelong friends aswell as having the opportunity to explore your questions, hopes and anxieties in a safe and supportive space. The course will cover:
- Pregnancy, birth choices and options available
- Body awareness, relaxation, breathing and massage
- What happens in labour, the role of your partner and how your baby is born
- Pain relief - natural and medical methods
- More complex pregnancies and medical procedures, including caesarean birth
- Early parenting, feeding your baby and lifestyle changes

When I was due my first child back in 2009 I was wanting to attend an antenatal course but sadly there was none within my local area, I lived in Hamilton, Scotland.
I'm now due baby number 3 on the 19th July (I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow) and know what to expect with labour etc so I win't be attending a class, but thought some of my pregnant ladies reading this may be interested.

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Pregnancy:Week 36

Yesterday morning I had my 36 week check up appointment with the midwife.

Everything seemed to be going to plan, my blood pressure etc came back okay and I felt ggreat within myself. Then the midwife asked me to lie down on the bed whilst she had a feel of my bump to see the position the baby was lying, and I was pleased when she said her little head is "head down and ready"!
She then measured my bump and sadly I was measuring 3 weeks smaller, I should of measured 36cm but I was only measuring 33cm. She rang the hospital and got me booked in for a growth scan later that afternoon. She then had a listen to little munchkin's heartbeat and all was ok.

With Brandon being at work, I asked Brandon's mother if she would give me a lift to the hospital. 
At 2.30pm she beeped outside so off we went to the hospital for another scan. 
The scan went well, I was then told to sit in the waiting area and a midwife would be over to discuss the results. 10 minutes later she came over with a growth chart and showed me that my baby was measuring just about average on 2 of the charts but the last one she was below average so she booked me back in for another growth scan in a fortnights time, when I'll be 38 weeks.

I'm sure everything will be okay, she is just going to be a small baby. Alesha and Alana weren't big babies they weighed 6lbs 9oz and 6lbs 13oz, so I clearly don't produce big babies, which in a way I'm happy as don't fancy pushing a big baby out haha!

The nerves really have kicked in now, I hope it's a quick labour and I get the water birth in the birthing centre as I'm still considering 'low risk'.

Banish Your Child's Fussy Eating Habits By 3 Simple Steps

Parents could banish their children’s fussy eating habits by following three simple steps, new study suggests

Introducing the ‘three Rs’ – Repetition, Role Modelling and Rewards - at meal times could help parents to get their children to eat, and even like, new vegetables, according to new research from Aston and Loughborough Universities.

By repeatedly exposing a child to a certain food (‘repetition’), eating it first and show them how tasty it is (‘role modelling’) and praising them for trying it (‘rewards’), a parent can help positively change their child’s attitude to the food. The study found that introducing the ‘three Rs’ dramatically increased children’s liking and consumption of vegetables that they previously disliked.

Dr Claire Farrow, of the Aston Research Centre for Child Health, said: “Not eating enough fruits and vegetables is one of the main risk factors for global mortality. Eating more fruits and vegetables could prevent numerous cancers, stroke, diabetes and obesity. Children in the UK, however, do not eat enough of them – with only about 20% of them achieving the recommended five-a-day.

“It can be very challenging for families to encourage their children to eat a healthy, balanced diet as children naturally go through stages during their toddler years when they are often fussy and will refuse new foods, particularly vegetables. This is a normal developmental stage for children, but it can often lead to a restricted diet as children become fussier and fussier about what they will not eat. Families need evidence-based scientific advice about what they can do to help encourage children to taste, and eventually like, new or disliked fruits and vegetables.

“Our research shows that a combination of repeatedly exposing children to vegetables, rewarding them for trying the food and modelling enjoying eating the vegetable yourself, can help to encourage children to taste and eventually like vegetables which they did not previously like eating. Eating behaviours have been shown to track throughout childhood and into adulthood – so it is vitally important that children are exposed to fruits and vegetables early in life to inform healthy eating as they grow into adolescence and adulthood.”

A total of 115 children aged between two and four took part in the research. They were placed in four separate groups and given the same vegetable to taste every day for 14 days. Each group was exposed to a different combination of ‘food intervention’ techniques – repeated exposure; role modelling and repeated exposure; rewards and repeated exposure or the ‘three Rs’: role modelling, repeated exposure and rewards. The amount of vegetable consumed by each child was measured at study’s conclusion.

All of the children were presented with the vegetables by their parents in their homes. Interventions in school-based settings have been researched previously, with encouraging results. However, school interventions often require whole school sign-up and local government funding. As such, they are unavailable to most families.

At the end of the study, the group of children introduced to the ‘three Rs’ or ‘two Rs’ (rewards and repeated exposure) showed significant increases in the amount of vegetable they would eat and in their liking for the previously disliked vegetable. Children exposed to the ‘three R’s ate an average of 4g of the vegetable, compared to 0.6g before the start of the investigation.

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Winner Of The Mac Pair Of Eyelashes

hanks very much to everyone who entered my latest competition to win a Mac pair of eyelashes.

We were in undated with a good number of entries but CONGRATULATIONS to our winner Emma Ellams.

To arrange delivery of your prize please DM me on Twitter or email me at 

Mac eyelashes

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Review: Angel's Face Tutu's

Angel’s Face are the UK’s Number One Tutu Skirt Brand! 

I have seen photos of Angel's Face dresses on a local wedding page over on my Facebook account. Everytime I come across an item of their clothing I look and think "wow I'd love something like that for my daughters", but sadly the pricetag was always too high for me.
Vintage Style Box
I would pay a high price tag if it was for a special occasion, i.e wedding, birthday etc... and that is the plan, seeing as Alesha has already seen something she wants over on for her 6th Birthday in December.
Vintage Style Box

We were kindly sent not one but 2 of Angel's Face stunning girl's tutus for review. I was over the moon because it therefore meant that there would be no arguing amoungst the girls, because one got a tutu and the other didn't! At least this way they both received one each, which I'm grateful for!

Alesha was sent the beautiful 'Neon Pink Tutu' priced at £49.00 and Alana was sent the gorgeous 'Neon Orange Tutu' also priced at £49.00 over on Angel's Face website.

They arrived each in a beautiful vintage style hat box with a see through lid. As soon as Alesha saw the colour pink through the box, she got really excited "is it for me mum, is it for me"? 

I looked at the girl's faces as I slowly opened the lids on the boxes and took out the tutu's. Their faces lit up with excitement, "can I put it on mum please"? "I love it"! 
The tutus were heavier than I was expecting, I was therefore slightly worried putting Alana's on her as she is 2 years old but a slim figure. But to my surprise, the tutu fitted her perfectly and she insisted it wasn't heavy, off she went twirling around the living room shouting "look at me mummy, I'm a princess"!
Casually chilled out!

We took the girl's to their dads cousins birthday party yesterday and the amount of people that kept telling us how much they liked their skirts etc was crazy, we've never got that much attention over something they have worn before! Think the tutu's were a big hit, especially the bright neon colours!

The tutus are priced starting at £35.00, with a choice of over 35 colours to choose from you will be sure to find something suitable for that special little girl.
Looking abit ruff after a long day at the party but still smiling. 

You will also find a range of other clothing and footwear on their website from leggings to party shoes. 

Anyone who purchases a tutu from Angel's Face would be very happy because the quality of them is unbelievable, a very high standard. Can easily tell by looking at the tutu's that my girls will get a very long time out of them.

Rating. 4.5/5 - Sadly the only downfall is that they are a little bit on the expensive side.

I was sent these tutus from Angel's Face free of charge, for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Silent Sunday

This is a Silent Sunday post as inspired by Cosmic Girlie and The Boy and Me.

Winners Of 6Months Membership For MumsDateDads

Thanks very much to everyone who entered my latest competition to win 6 months membership over on . 

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to our 3 lucky winners who have each won 6 Months FREE membership.

  • Vickie Jackson
  • Jodie Yorke
  • Aaron Broad
To claim your prize can you send me a DM over on Twitter or email me


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Dress Dad Competition

FashionBeans are currently running a competition called 'Dress Dad' where the lucky winner will win £100 worth of shopping vouchers, "great prize ay"?

The aim is for kids to dress up their dads (or other male family members or friend) for the day ahead and submit their pics via Instagram. You can see a bit more about the competition here:

So far there has only been 4 entries (including mine), so your in with a good chance of scooping the big prize!

'To enter simply dress up your dad, and then share his picture with us on Instagram with #DressDadComp. Of course it doesn't have to be your dad, we will take pictures of your Step-Dad, Uncle, Brother, Grandad. Just dress them up and send them in.'

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Pregnancy Week 34

Firstly I want to just say, "I'm sooooooo TIRED" !!!!

I had my 34 week check up with the midwife on Monday morning. Brandon was off work so he came with me along with Alana. They even got to listen to the baby's heartbeat for the first time, Brandon was over the moon, whereas Alana wasn't too sure exactly what she was hearing. She was more concerned finishing the rest of her slush puppy which remained in her plastic cup.

At my previous midwife appointment at 28 weeks, I was prescribed iron tablets because it came back in my blood results that my iron levels were low. I.m supposed to be taking 3 iron tablets a day but I've only been taking one now and again. 
When the midwife asked if I'd been taking the 3 a day, I told her that I've been a silly woman and only taking one now and again. She informed me the risks of having low iron when I go into labour that I could end up hemorrhaging during labour. Plus I wouldn't be able to give birth within the pool in the birthing centre I would have to go straight to the hospital due to the high risks.

I assured her that from no on I will start taking the 3 tablets a day. She then decided not to test my urine sample, she said she would wait till I see her again in 2 weeks and test it then and hopefully my iron count is back to normal. 

When it came to measuring my bump I was still measuring small but thankfully this time only by 2cm, whereas the last appointment I was measuring under by 5cm so I was therefore sent for a growth scan and the baby was measuring spot on, no worries at all.

She informed me that if I'm still measuring small at my next appointment then she is going to book me in for another growth scan just to be on the safe side.

I can't wait for these 6 weeks to fly over so me and my family get to meet the new addition.

I'm not in as much pain with my SPD as I was with my previous pregnancies at this stage. I tend to just suffer with the pain in my hips and legs more during the night, I find my self tossing and turning and lying there wide awake.

Review: Sea Salted Fig - Reed Diffuser

I highly prefer using reed diffusers in my home rather than air fresheners because they last longer and no electric is involved.
I've used various types of air fresheners from the spray can to the pull in ones. I found that if you wanted a long lasting smell in your home, you would either have to spray the tin quiet often, or else turn the setting up to the highest on the plug in. All of which ment that the air freshner would run out within 3 weeks.

When we received the Sea Salted Fig Reed Diffuser from The Country Candle Company, I couldn't wait to take it out of the packaging and smell it. I love nothing more than a fresh smelling scent in my family home, like everyone ay?

I was unsure of what smell to expect, seen as though it's 'Sea Salt' but thankfully it smelt fresh like flowers but also a fruity scent but not to overpowering. I dusted down one of the floating shelfs in my bedroom and placed the reed diffuser upon it. 

Now, everytime I open the bedroom door I'm suddenly hit with a fresh smell, it's just wonderful! Brandon really likes it and wants to order one for his side of the room, he has said the scent makes him relax. 

The scent is inside a beautiful glass container with the companies name printed upon it. 

100 ml bottle - lasts around 8 weeks

260mm high x 65mm diameter

The fig fruit creates an unique, chic and unusual fruity aroma. The slightly watery aspect of the fruit gives the scent a fresh feeling emphasised in the top with notes of mandarin, grapefruit and peach. In the heart the green aspect of the fruit is highlighted through the infusion of jasmine and ginger. Patchouli and coumarin in the base heightens the scent with a subtle spice whilst the combination of cedarwood and amber deepens for a lasting and memorable wake.

The reed diffuser is a perfect gift for this Father's Day, something different than the ordinary socks and beer. Priced at £14.99 it would be a good purchase, to buy or for more info click here

I was sent this from The Country Candle Company free of charge, for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Silent Sunday

This is a Silent Sunday post as inspired by Cosmic Girlie and The Boy and Me.

WINNER: Of The Easylock Competition

Thanks very much to everyone who entered my latest competition to win an Easylock

We were in undated with a good number of entries but CONGRATULATIONS to our winner Becca Staples.

To arrange delivery of your prize please DM me on Twitter or email me at 


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Review: Boomf Personalised Marshmallows

Are you wanting to make the male in your life smile this Father's Day? Are you looking for a unique gift that you will not find on the highstreet? If so, then look no futher because over on Boomf, you can order a box of 9 marshmallows personalised with a special message/photo of your choice for £12 with free delivery. Sounds good, right?

To place an order on their website, it's as simple as 1,2,3. 
Firstly you upload nine photos, either direct from your computer, Facebook or Instagram. But if your like me and unsure which photos to choose then Boomf offers a wide variety you can choose from, which therefore saves you scrolling through your own Facebook or Instagram looking for cool photos or quotes.
I choose 9 of the photos from the 'Dad' category to use instead of me sourcing my own. 
Two working days after placing the order, my cheerful postman deliveries a well packaged box with beautiful wrapping paper and a quote saying 'rip me', which made me smile! What a wonderful idea to have on the wrapping paper.

When I opened the box I was amazed with the quality of the colour and detail that went into them. It was hard to believe that they were marshmallows, as they looked liked little photo cubes. 
They are most definitely worth the £12 and free delivery because they made me smile. I have kept them aside for the kids to give to their dad on Father's Day.

               'Boomf is on a mission to help you send tastier messages.

This may sound like a surprising mission. To be fair, many people have laughed at us along the way. But, we believe it is important.
People see millions of messages every day. With Boomf, the important ones stand out. Boomf is all about the 'Happy Birthday', the 'Congratulations' and the 'I love you'. (We'll leave the 'Where are the keys?' and 'Get milk' to WhatsApp.)
Whether your loved ones are sitting across the room or across the planet, Boomf can help you congratulate, console, amuse or amaze. Whatever you want to say... say it with Boomf!'

For further information or to place and order please visit their website

You can also follow them via Facebook and Twitter.

I was sent this from Boomf free of charge, for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Fuss Free Picnic

Enjoy the great outdoors with these kid-friendly summer eating ideas

Paediasure shake offers expert tips for A fuss-free picnic

Summer is just around the corner which means it’s time to embrace the warmer weather and get outdoors! Why not head out into the garden or extend your hours in the park by packing a tasty picnic for some special family time in the sun?

Enjoying a meal outside can be great fun, however thinking up new ‘on-the-go’ dishes to keep the little ones happy can be tricky, especially if you have a child going through a fussy eating phase.  Do you worry that picnics mean packing unhealthy ‘convenience’ foods? Preparing simple, nutritious snacks that your fussy eater might enjoy doesn’t need to be time consuming and getting your children to help you out can be an enjoyable activity for all.

Helen Bond, Consultant Dietitian, provides her top five healthy picnic tips:

1.       Cutting raw vegetables into small child-friendly sticks can help them seem less daunting to a fussy palate. Serve them with something your child likes eating such as breadsticks or slices of wholemeal pitta bread and dips to encourage them to try a selection of foods from the plate

2.      Asking your children to help with food preparation is a great way to build their interest in new foods, textures and flavours. Pick up some wooden skewers and let your kids make their own food on sticks with a selection of bite-sized meats, cheese and vegetables for a balanced snack with plenty of variety

3.      If you struggle to get your child to eat fruit, try blending fruit with natural yogurt and freeze the mixture in ice lolly moulds overnight. Pack them in a freezer box before you go and enjoy a fun fruit smoothie lolly that tastes like a real treat

4.      If you fancy something more substantial but don’t have time to pull together a meal on the day of your trip, try cooking a little extra dinner the night before such as pasta which will taste just as delicious served cold in a salad the following day

5.      Include nutritious snacks such as dried fruit and nuts. Not only are they tasty and easy to pack, but you can combine your leftovers with any unwanted bread crusts and have fun feeding the ducks, birds or squirrels after your meal!

 Taking meals outside is a great way to add a bit of excitement to your family mealtime routine. Get your children to help pack the hamper with picnic essentials such as paper plates, cups and napkins to get them involved before the meal begins. If you’re concerned about your child getting all the nutrients they need, a PaediaSure Shake vanilla stick pack is a great back-up plan – it comes in a handy single serving sachet that you just mix with water. You can find them in larger Boots stores from July priced £1.25 or you can order them online at

PaediaSure Shake is a nutritionally complete and balanced shake to support your child through periods of fussy eating. Packed with vital nutrients (including protein, vitamins and minerals), it is specifically designed for children to ensure they are still getting all they need, even on those difficult days when they might not be eating a wide variety of healthy foods.

PaediaSure Shake is available in three yummy flavours: choose between chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. It’s available from most Boots stores nationwide and priced £10 for a 400g tin.

For more practical tips, check out
or for a wealth of information and free resources for parents to help their children re-establish healthy eating habits.

WIN 6 Months Free Full Membership To The UK's Leading Dating Website For Single Parents

I'm over the moon to be able to offer this competition on my blog as I know I have a large number of single parents whom read my blog.

When I split with my children's father back in July 2012, I turned to the online dating scene a few months later because I felt rather lonely and lost. Think it was more to the fact I lived in a town where I didn't know anyone, as I'd only just moved here 7 months before we split. 

I went on a few dates but I found it very hard to meet a decent man who wasn't just after sex. So fair to say after the first dates I never contacted them again!

Thankfully I met the man of my dreams the following year on a night out in Hartlepool with some mums from my daughters school. So since then there has been no online dating for me, as I am head over heels in love with my fella. He has accepted my daughters Alesha and Alana from a previous relationship as his own and were due our first child together in just under 7 weeks. 
So there you have it my love life wrapped up in a nutshell haha!

Anyways enough about me, I'd like to offer three of my readers six months free full membership to the UK's leading dating website for single parents, MumsDateDads

Finding love when you have children can be tricky and sometimes difficult. If you’re tired of being single and want to find that someone special, MumsDateDads is the perfect solution to help you meet and date other single parents.

The website allows users to:
·         Add a profile and photos
·         Search for other singles in your home town or by postcode
·         See who is online
·         Send a wink to the people you fancy
·         See who has been looking at your profile
·         Instant message other members
·         Make a video profile
·         Start a dating diary
·         Personality tests and star sign compatibility reports
·         UK telephone support

Three readers will each win six months free full membership worth £270!!

About MumsDateDads 

MumsDateDads is the UK’s favourite dating site for parents. Its members are single parents or are happy to date someone with children.

MumsDateDads knows from first-hand experience that it's tricky to find love when you have children. It offers free registration, astrological & compatibility matching, users can send winks and virtual gifts create and view video profiles, and there is instant messaging & video chat, new member notifications. Users can also upload photos via their mobile.

To be in with a chance of winning one of the three 6 months membership prizes, all you need to do is fill out the simple Gleam form below.

The winner will be drawn 11/06/15 at 11.59pm.



Review: Nutmeg Children's Clothes At Morrison's

I never heard of the clothing brand 'Nutmeg' before, nor did I know that Morrison's had their own brand of clothing. The first I heard about 'Nutmeg' was a few weeks ago, when I was contacted by their PR asking if my daughter's would like to receive some of their clothes to review.

Instantly I clicked onto Google and done a quick search, I was very surprised to see that 'Nutmeg' had a lovely range of clothing at affordable prices. I then couldn't wait, to receive our parcel containing the clothes to review.
We were sent a matching clothes for both Alesha and Alana, Alesha's were aged 4-5years and Alana's were aged 2-3years. 
The day I received them was a day Alesha was in school and Alana was in nursery, I couldn't wait to go pick them up and bring them home to try on the clothes. They only have one other outfit that is matching (which I think has gone too small for them now) so I was pleased they now had a new matching pretty outfit.
I think the colours are beautiful and ideal for Spring/Summer wardrobe collection. We took them out to our local children's farm wearing their 'Nutmeg' outfits and quite a few people were turning heads saying "awwww" etc. 

The t-shirt and matching skirt come with a pricetag of £7-£8  and the cardigans starting price are £8. 
I could see right away that the fabric used to make these clothes wasn't a cheap fabric. They were very well stitched and not one loose thread. I washed these on a 60 degree wash, the clothes came out in their original shape and size, so I was pleased.

The girls will definitely be wearing these throughout the summer as I really really like them. Me and Brandon have said at the end of the week when we get our monthly pay we are popping over to our local Nutmeg Morrison's store to pick up a few more bits for the girls and also our baby due in 7 weeks.

Nutmeg have everything from baby clothing to adults clothing and also various styles of afforable footwear. 

Why not have a look online to find your local stocklist so you can pick up some beautiful clothes from the 'Nutmeg' collection. 

I was sent these samples from Morrison's free of charge, for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Proud Of Her Fireman Daddy

Brandon went to collect his fireman uniform at the weekend (olala).

Me and the girls stayed at home as we weren't sure how long he would be in the office for, as he had to try everything on to make sure they fitted him okay etc. The amount of stuff he got is unbelievable, luckily we have a spare cupboard upstairs to store it all for now, as he brings it into his local fire station depo in June when he starts his first official day.

As soon as he walked through the door, later that morning, Alesha's cute little face lite up with happiness as she said "daddy please can you put your fireman uniform on so I can see you in it"!
When he put the helmet on, Alesha said "wow you look like fireman Sam from the cartoon but your not your fireman dad". I got butterflies through my belly as she was so happy and so so proud of her daddy.

I suggested I took a photo of her with her 'fireman daddy' before he got changed back into his normal clothes. The smile on her face says it all!