Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Pregnancy Week 34

Firstly I want to just say, "I'm sooooooo TIRED" !!!!

I had my 34 week check up with the midwife on Monday morning. Brandon was off work so he came with me along with Alana. They even got to listen to the baby's heartbeat for the first time, Brandon was over the moon, whereas Alana wasn't too sure exactly what she was hearing. She was more concerned finishing the rest of her slush puppy which remained in her plastic cup.

At my previous midwife appointment at 28 weeks, I was prescribed iron tablets because it came back in my blood results that my iron levels were low. I.m supposed to be taking 3 iron tablets a day but I've only been taking one now and again. 
When the midwife asked if I'd been taking the 3 a day, I told her that I've been a silly woman and only taking one now and again. She informed me the risks of having low iron when I go into labour that I could end up hemorrhaging during labour. Plus I wouldn't be able to give birth within the pool in the birthing centre I would have to go straight to the hospital due to the high risks.

I assured her that from no on I will start taking the 3 tablets a day. She then decided not to test my urine sample, she said she would wait till I see her again in 2 weeks and test it then and hopefully my iron count is back to normal. 

When it came to measuring my bump I was still measuring small but thankfully this time only by 2cm, whereas the last appointment I was measuring under by 5cm so I was therefore sent for a growth scan and the baby was measuring spot on, no worries at all.

She informed me that if I'm still measuring small at my next appointment then she is going to book me in for another growth scan just to be on the safe side.

I can't wait for these 6 weeks to fly over so me and my family get to meet the new addition.

I'm not in as much pain with my SPD as I was with my previous pregnancies at this stage. I tend to just suffer with the pain in my hips and legs more during the night, I find my self tossing and turning and lying there wide awake.

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