Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Pregnancy:Week 36

Yesterday morning I had my 36 week check up appointment with the midwife.

Everything seemed to be going to plan, my blood pressure etc came back okay and I felt ggreat within myself. Then the midwife asked me to lie down on the bed whilst she had a feel of my bump to see the position the baby was lying, and I was pleased when she said her little head is "head down and ready"!
She then measured my bump and sadly I was measuring 3 weeks smaller, I should of measured 36cm but I was only measuring 33cm. She rang the hospital and got me booked in for a growth scan later that afternoon. She then had a listen to little munchkin's heartbeat and all was ok.

With Brandon being at work, I asked Brandon's mother if she would give me a lift to the hospital. 
At 2.30pm she beeped outside so off we went to the hospital for another scan. 
The scan went well, I was then told to sit in the waiting area and a midwife would be over to discuss the results. 10 minutes later she came over with a growth chart and showed me that my baby was measuring just about average on 2 of the charts but the last one she was below average so she booked me back in for another growth scan in a fortnights time, when I'll be 38 weeks.

I'm sure everything will be okay, she is just going to be a small baby. Alesha and Alana weren't big babies they weighed 6lbs 9oz and 6lbs 13oz, so I clearly don't produce big babies, which in a way I'm happy as don't fancy pushing a big baby out haha!

The nerves really have kicked in now, I hope it's a quick labour and I get the water birth in the birthing centre as I'm still considering 'low risk'.

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