Monday, 1 June 2015

Review: Nutmeg Children's Clothes At Morrison's

I never heard of the clothing brand 'Nutmeg' before, nor did I know that Morrison's had their own brand of clothing. The first I heard about 'Nutmeg' was a few weeks ago, when I was contacted by their PR asking if my daughter's would like to receive some of their clothes to review.

Instantly I clicked onto Google and done a quick search, I was very surprised to see that 'Nutmeg' had a lovely range of clothing at affordable prices. I then couldn't wait, to receive our parcel containing the clothes to review.
We were sent a matching clothes for both Alesha and Alana, Alesha's were aged 4-5years and Alana's were aged 2-3years. 
The day I received them was a day Alesha was in school and Alana was in nursery, I couldn't wait to go pick them up and bring them home to try on the clothes. They only have one other outfit that is matching (which I think has gone too small for them now) so I was pleased they now had a new matching pretty outfit.
I think the colours are beautiful and ideal for Spring/Summer wardrobe collection. We took them out to our local children's farm wearing their 'Nutmeg' outfits and quite a few people were turning heads saying "awwww" etc. 

The t-shirt and matching skirt come with a pricetag of £7-£8  and the cardigans starting price are £8. 
I could see right away that the fabric used to make these clothes wasn't a cheap fabric. They were very well stitched and not one loose thread. I washed these on a 60 degree wash, the clothes came out in their original shape and size, so I was pleased.

The girls will definitely be wearing these throughout the summer as I really really like them. Me and Brandon have said at the end of the week when we get our monthly pay we are popping over to our local Nutmeg Morrison's store to pick up a few more bits for the girls and also our baby due in 7 weeks.

Nutmeg have everything from baby clothing to adults clothing and also various styles of afforable footwear. 

Why not have a look online to find your local stocklist so you can pick up some beautiful clothes from the 'Nutmeg' collection. 

I was sent these samples from Morrison's free of charge, for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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