Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Pregnancy Week 38 - Booked In For Induction

Went to my scan Monday morning with Mr.R, it was such a lovely experience for us both to be able to see our little girl again on the screen.

After the scan the midwife talked us through the results, which were basically that our little girl hadn't grown since the previous growth scan a fortnight ago. Her weight was roughly a small 5lbs 4oz. 

The midwife rang through to the consultant and explained everything, he then suggested for me to be booked into the hospital for an induction on Saturday.So with the induction being booked, the midwife asked if I'd like a sweep there and then because it maybe put me into natural labour before Saturday. So I agreed, and "my o my was it sore"! I could feel her whole fist inside me, it was very uncomftable but thankfully it only lasted around 2 minutes.

Since coming home from the hospital, I've been having contractions but there not regular. I'm therefore in slow labour which is tiring as I'd really like for the contractions to come thick and fast so I can take go to hospital and have my little girl. I seem to get the contractions more when I'm sat down for a while or when I'm laid in bed.

The only downfall with being induced means I'm under consultant care so I therefore can't have my waterbirth within the midwife led birthing centre, I have to go straight to the hospital! 

We have explained to Alesha and Alana that mummy will be going hospital at the weekend so the doctor can get their new baby sister out of my tummy for them. Alesha understands it more and is counting down the days (just like me & her dad are doing).

Here's hoping the next update will be the birth announcement!!! Ekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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