Wednesday, 26 October 2016 Marks 5th Anniversary With Massive Expansion, the independent online insurance broker, has today announced a significant increase of staff in their Sussex based contact centre. Marking their 5th anniversary, is committed to maintaining the high standard of customer service that has proven so successful for the business over the last 5 years.
Annual sales at end of September
The Sussex based company, founded by managing director Michael Ward, has seen insurance sales treble in the last 12 months, with expected demand continuing to rise in 2017. To manage this increased demand, have expanded their premises in Chichester, providing work to local staff and businesses. Staff numbers have passed 50 for the first time. 

In total 20 new staff have been recruited into the customer services team in the last 4 weeks, and will be starting on a revolutionary new shift pattern which will give staff more days off each month (nine rather than eight) and maintain unprecedented levels of seven days-a-week customer service.

From 1st December 2016 the new office hours will be 8am-8pm Monday – Friday, 9am-5:30pm Saturday – Sunday.

New staff will be starting in teams over the next three weeks, with all training expected to be complete ready for the busy months of January and February 2017.

Throughout this continued growth, is committed to corporate and social responsibility by encouraging a positive impact through our activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public.

Autumn Walk With 3 Children - Making Memories

With Mr.R having two days off during the school holidays, we decided to go on an autumn walk with the children. They love kicking the crunchy leaves, and looking under the conker tree for some conkers to bring home.

It only took us a 5 minute minute drive to Ward Jackson park. It's such a beautiful park via lots of open grass for the kids to play. There is also a woodland trail, which is where we went with the children. We then finished up at the swing park and finally into the onsite cafe to warm up our hands with a hot chocolate.

Ward Jackson park definitely gets thumbs up from us all. Kids are wanting to go back at the weekend to see if they can find anymore conkers, hiding in the stash of leaves.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

REVIEW: Vie Acai Berry Slimming Patches

Vie Acai Berry Slimming Patches

No pill-popping, dieting, or starving yourself… just stick on a Vie Acai Berry Slimming Patch and forget it’s there (it’s even waterproof!).

The Acai Berry Slimming Patch can be worn for up to 24 hours to help suppress your appetite and speed up your metabolism, helping you to lose weight easily and healthily.

The little acai berry is native to Southern America and is well-documented for its health benefits, including its slimming potential.

Vie Acai Berry Slimming Patches use transdermal technology to deliver the natural active ingredients into the bloodstream through the skin over 24 hours.

Whether you have an exciting date on the calendar looming, an LBD party or wedding to attend or a lovely holiday planned, Vie Acai Berry Slimming Patches can help you reach your weight loss goal.

I've been trying to lose 2 stone now for quite sometime, without any success. The reason I haven't been successful, is purely down to me snacking during mealtimes. 

I was a little skeptical about trying these, as I'm never one to take tablets etc. I normally just try to eat healthy and do gentle exercise as much as possible.

I've been using these patches now for a forthnight and I can honestly say, they are truly working for me. These patches really are just what I needed because they help me by making me feel full so I'm not snacking as much. 

My partner also asked me this morning to find out how much it would cost for one month's supply and when I told him £19, he was gobsmacked! He thought it the patches would cost more because they are most definately doing their job. 

I was sent a month's supply for review purposes. I'm going to be placing an order at the weekend for at least another month's supply and my partner has also been talking about trailing them.

I was slighlty worried that the patch may lose it's stickiness when I soaked in the bath, but I was wrong! 

A patch on my thigh today, yesterday I had one on my stomach.

They can be bought in a one-month, three-month or six-month supply.

Vie Acai Berry Slimming Patches are 100% natural with no known side effects, and can be purchased from £19.00 (one month’s supply), online from

Imogen's Photoshoot - Modelling

A few weeks ago I received an email to say, Imogen has been accepted as a model with Bizzykidz agency. We then had to travel to one of their photography studios, to get a portfolio made for Imogen.
Here are the results, I'm happy with some of them but not all as her top was out of her skirt etc. 
She done well in front of the camera considering it was a 3 hour drive to the studio.

My Kids Look So Grown Up With Abit Of Make-Up!

Yesterday after school, we had Alesha's friend Libby over for tea. Her mother had to pop out after school for a few hours, so I said I'd mind her because she is no bother.

Mr.R picked the kids up from school, whilst I stayed home with our little one Imogen. It was a cold, wet day outside what better reason to stay inside, ay?

When the girl's arrived home from school, they relaxed at the table and coloured in a pattern book. I was busy in the kitchen preparing a buffet tea for us all to enjoy. We had garlic bread, pizza, chicken goujons, potato wedges and ice cream for dessert. Only cost £5 for everything including the ice-cream, thanks to CO-OP and their £5 frozen meal deal.

After tea, the children asked if they could have a pamper evening. So I contacted Libby's mam and she said it was ok to put nail varnish on Libby's toes and a touch of make up ( which can be easily washed off). 
The kids were over the moon when I said, "do you want me to paint your nails and put a little bit of my make-up on you?" 
I done Alana first, then Alesha and then Libby. Then one by one they went upstairs and choose a dressing up costume. I took a photo of each of them and there response was "woooow look at me" when I showed it to them.

The rest of our evening was spent, having a dance to a few cheesy pop songs, before the kids washed the make-up off before school the following morning.

I looked at the photos this morning and can't get over how grown up my girl's look with abit of make-up on. It was the first time I put make-up on, will be a long time till I do it again. I don't want my children to grow up thinking they need make-up to look good etc.



First Nursery Outing To The Local Park

Alana was over the moon to be going on a trip, to the park with her nursery teachers and friends.

I think she was mostly looking forward to find out who she would be sitting next to, on the big yellow school bus.

She gave me the cheekiest, but yet the cutest smile when I took a photo of her before she left for nursery. 

Saturday, 8 October 2016


Girlguiding’s Girls’ Attitudes Survey 2016, published today, reveals a steep five year decline in girls’ body confidence, with 61% aged 7 to 21 feeling happy with how they look today, down from 73% in 2011. The largest annual research of its kind into the views of UK girls and young women shows the damaging impact of gender inequality on girls as young as seven:
  • A third (36%) of 7-10 year old girls say people make them think that the most important thing about them is how they look
  • A quarter (23%) of girls aged 7-10 feel they need to be perfect
  • Almost one in six (15%) 7-10 year old girls feels embarrassed or ashamed of how they look
  • One in three (38%) at this age feels they are not pretty enough
  • One in three (35%) 7-10 year old girls agree women are judged more on their appearance than their ability
  • 7-10 year old girls say the most important thing to improve their lives now would be to stop judging girls and women on the way they look
Every year the Girls’ Attitudes Survey has highlighted multiple, compound pressures faced by girls and young women, from relentless exposure to media and digital images that objectify women, to street harassment and sexist online abuse.
Today’s findings expose the clear and worrying impact this is having on girls still at primary school. With 29% aged 7-8 and 41% aged 9-10 agreeing that women are judged more on their appearance than on their ability, it’s unsurprising almost a quarter across the 7-10 age group (23%) feel they need to be perfect and over half (52%) feel they are not good enough.
Now 7- to 10-year-olds from across the UK have told Girlguiding that the single most important thing that needs to change to improve their lives, is to stop judging women on how they look.
Lyra, 10, a South London Brownie, said: “I think more girls are judged on their appearance than boys. I don’t think it’s fair that men get treated differently to women. You have to treat everyone the same.”
Liddy Buswell,18, Girlguiding Advocate and Brownie leader, said“I’m shocked but not surprised by the Girls’ Attitudes Survey findings. As a Brownie Leader, I’ve experienced these issues first-hand. I’ve witnessed girls unwilling to speak to groups because of how they look, I’ve heard girls saying they’ve been called names at school and aren’t confident trying new activities as a result.
“No girl should have to worry about the way she looks – she should be having fun and enjoying herself. This year’s survey is a damning indication that something needs to be done to tackle this growing issue.”
Becky Hewitt, Girlguiding Director, said: “This year’s Girls’ Attitudes Survey demonstrates the shocking impact that focusing on girls’ appearance is having on the youngest girls in society.
“Girls have told us to stop judging them on how they look.  Every day in guiding, girls inspire us with their bravery, sense of adventure and their kindness. We are calling on everyone to show girls that they are valued for who they are - not what they look like.”
Girlguiding has consistently taken action to respond to the annual decline in girls’ body confidence, including the launch of the 2014 Peer Education badge Free Being Me, to introduce girls and young women to body confidence issues. The charity’s peer education programme also covers sensitive topics such as mental resilience and healthy relationships.
Today’s report shows 1 in 10 girls (10%) aged 7-10 have had people say ‘mean things about their bodies’ most of the time or often. It underlines the urgent need to listen as young girls call for an end to women being judged on their appearance.
Throughout October, Girlguiding will challenge the public to think twice about the way they compliment or praise the girls in their lives. Tell young women they’re amazing, for the amazing things they achieve or the amazing people they are, over how they look, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at @Girlguiding, #YouAreAmazing #GirlsAttitudes .

Alana Started Playing Toddler Rugby - Hartlepool Rovers

Since Alana has started nursery, we felt that we should try find a class of some sort for her to attend after school or either on a weekend.
Dancing, singing or another girly we found was out of the question, as she doesn't enjoying those activities as much as her older sister Alesha who is 6.

We then thought "bingo", maybe she would enjoy rugby! Seen as though she has always got heaps of energy to burn. Out of our 3 girls, more times than often it's Alana that tends to be needing to do stuff as she is constantly full of energy. 
Hartlepool Rovers appealed to us in more ways than one. As it's only a 5 minute walk (that's if Mr.R was at work, as I don't drive). The toddler session was always early on a Sunday morning. Which was ideal because it meant we then have the rest of the day to go and do stuff. Plus, Mr.R has a cousin that started his rugby training there, when he was young and now plays for a very successful rugby team.

Her first session was a fortnight ago, I was a little nervous because Mr.R was at work and I was panicking incase Alana didn't like it or she had an accident etc, so Mr.R's dad came along with me and the kids. Happy to say Alana really enjoyed her first session and has since went to another and is now currently looking forward to going again in the morning. 

The only thing we're worried about is, how she finds it's difficult to concentrate and follow instructions. For example, when they have to wait for their turn to throw the ball, our little girl you would see rolling about the grass or pulling funny faces whilst the other children are happily stood watching and waiting. BUT, to us she is doing wonderful for actually taking part because she is currently being assessed for autism. 

We are so proud of Alana for agreeing to attend a social activity with other children, and long may it continue.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Alana's 4th Birthday

I'm currently laid in bed on the laptop, whilst my 3 little girls are fast asleep and as I began to type 'Alana's 4th Birthday', I felt my eyes fill up. Wasn't that long ago, she used to hold onto the furniture as she was learning to walk and now my big girl is 4, already!?

On the morning of her birthday, 15th September she woke up to lots of presents. She was over the moon with her new toys and clothes. She was more pleased to be bringing a cake into nursery to share and to show her teacher her big girl birthday badge.

We decided to have a surprise party for her, after she'd finished nursery. Me and Mr.R were running about like headless chickens trying to get everything sorted. The chocolate fountain was a big faff on, 10 big bars of chocolate it took before it flowed nicely.
Alana's nanny and papa (Mr.R's mother & step dad) helped us out by collecting Alana from nursery and taking her into town to choose a toy for her birthday. Whilst they were in town we get the garden set up. Before we knew it, it was fast approaching 3.00pm so Mr.R jumped in the car and went and collected Alesha from school. 

Everyone started arriving from 3.20, we were all waiting for the birthday princess. Then nanny & papas car pulled up outside and out of the car came the birthday girl. The first thing she said was, "nanny isit my birthday"? Then got really excited and came running in and straight onto the bouncy castle with her friends and sisters.