Thursday, 11 February 2016

A Buying Mistake On Shpock

When I tend to have a clear out of household items or even kids toys, I would alwys list them for sale on Gumtree. With Gumtree being free to advertise and also has a large number of visitors, it's a site I preferred much more than Ebay.
Ebay I tend to use more for buying items that I can't source locally in the shops. I would never go back to selling on Ebay, due to the fees being ridiculously expensive. 

A few weeks ago whilst me and Mr.R, were relaxing on the sofa watching the TV an advert came on for, Shpock. Shpock is a relativity new selling site with a twist. 
On Shpock not only can you send the seller a message to buy an item but you can also click to haggle with them in price, cool ey?!

I've sold quite a few items within the last few days on Shpock, because just like Gumtree it's free to advertise. 

Tuesday morning I was laid in bed drinking a cup of coffee whilst my lovely Mr got the ids ready for school and dealt with the baby. I logged into Shpock to see if anyone was selling a baby walker. I came across one within 5 miles from my postcode, it was advertised as 'a baby walker in good condition' for £5. I sent a request offer price of £3 and the lady accepted. She then contacted me with her address and we agreed on a time for collection.

Mr.R went to collect it after he dropped the kids off at school. A few minutes later he came back and was like, "do you really want to see the size of the walker"? I was puzzled, like "well yeah"!
Then in he came with a dolls small walker, we both just broke out in the fit of laughter. 
After we stopped laughing, I was fuming a little because the lady never advertised it as a dolls walker she had it advertised as a baby walker. But hey, it was no good to Imogen but her big sister Alana is having lots of fun with it.

That afternoon we went and bought a proper walker for little miss chunky bum.

Imogen & Alana

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