Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Hollywood Bowling, Stockton - Family Day Out

Kids love soft play areas right? But don't you agree you can only go so many times and then it gets a tad boring?
With Mr.R working alot the last few months, we tend to have found oursleves spending our family days either at home or at a local soft play area. We were all getting fed up including the kids so as a special treat we decided to take the girls bowling last Friday after school.

Alesha was allowed to invite 3 friends, due to Alana only starting nursery mid January she didn't really have any 'friends' to invite. Alana got on great with Alesha's friends, she acted and looked so grown when around the older children.

That morning when the girls were in school, Mr.R suggested for me to try book a game of bowling in advance eiher online or over the phone.
I decided to go onto their website  and got up a cheap and cheerful price of £23.95, for 5 juniors for bowl on that afternoon. I then proceed with the booking, it then brought me onto a page where I could choose if I wanted to order food and drink. We have a look at the prices and decided it would be a good idea to book a 'Family Platter' which included 2 hotdogs, 2 burgers, chips and sauce for £14.99, we also added 5 ice creams at 99p each and a jug of squash for £2.50.
Sadly, when I got to the checkout page to try and pay it came up that they were having problems, in which I would need to ring to make a booking. 
I therefore rang them up and placed the booking, the lady never asked if I would like to order any food. She did ask if I would like a jug of squash for £2.50 so I agreed and paid for the booking.
We thought afterwards that we would just order the family platter food and ice cream when we arrived there and once the kids had finished bowling.

The kids were all so excited on the way there in the car, Mr.R had the music up and they were all singing. When we arrived the lady said they could leave their own shoes on but we decided to ask for the bowling shoes as it's an experience for the children. They were all over the moon with their bowling shoes and couldn't wait to sit on the bench to get them on.
All the little divas had a great time bowling, sometimes they liked to use the bowling ramp to make it easier for the ball to roll and other times they used their little muscles to throw the ball down the alley. They all cheered eachother on but at the same time every one of them wanted to be the winner!

Near to the end of the game, me and Mr. R had a read of the food menu. We were shocked and disappointed to see there was no 'Family Platter' for £14.99 and no ice-creams for 99p. The prices were ridiculous, there was noway we were paying just under £5 for a child to eat! 
Luckily Burger Kind was next door but one, so after the girls finished their game of bowling we all went for a stroll there, it saved me and the Mr a few pennies and the girls enjoyed their food and quite happily done our heads in on the way home in the car with their little horn toys they got in Burger King.

We would visit Hollywood bowl again, but maybe next time pay a visit to the all you can eat Chinese buffet next door as I would never pay the prices of the food within the bowling centre.


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