Tuesday, 21 June 2016

#REVIEW NSA Deluxe Travel Cot & UV Travel Centre

Travelling with young children can sometimes be difficult, due to the numerous items that need to be packed away.
One of the more bulky items, that we always tend to put into the car first is the travel cot. The travel cots are handy, but some are quite bulky and nearly all of them tend to be really heavy to carry.

We were sent a NSA Deluxe Travel Cot & UV Travel Centre, for Imogen to try out for review purpose.

I was pleasantly surprised that the box wasn't at all heavy to carry, much more lighter than an ordinary travel cot. So, before I even took it out of the box I was already giving it my seal of approval!

When I opened the box it contained a zip up carry case bag, which is ideal for easy storage of the travel centre cot. Inside the bag there was a self inflating mattress, a padded mat with velcro, a small bag which contained fixing pegs along with instructions and not forgetting the cot itself.

The instructions were pretty straight forward, there was also illustrated pictures to follow.
Upon taking the safety band off, the tent pop upto into position, just like that!
Then, I simply attached the sleeping mat to the velcro straps inside the cot. I do gave 3 or 4 puffs into the mattress to blow it up and it slotted in as easy as 1,2,3 underneath the travel centre itself and was protected via a zip. The mattress added abit more comfort, along with the sleeping mat.

Once up, which was within minutes it was ready for me to place outside in the garden for Imogen to sit and play with her toys. Protected from the sun shining down on her and also protected from any insects by using the insect mesh.

Folding it up took me a around 10 minutes. I couldn't quite get the nack of folding it, but then again maybe that is just me? The instructions were straight forward but just took me a few goes to get it down.
Once it was folded, it was nicely flat packed and ready to be placed back into the zip up back for easy storage. Ideal if you only have a small amount of space in the car and no room for a bulky travel cot.

My downfall with this product was the fact Imogen couldn't sit upright to play in it, she kept whacking her head on the top. She is only 11 months old and already looked too big for it.
It looks ideal for her to sleep me, but slightly claustrophobic. Only time will tell, we are going to take it away next weekend when she stays at her granparents.

It is ideal for us to take to the beach, if we were planning on spending a while there and she was due her nap. But, not so much for her to sit in out of the way of the sun of the beach.

The travel centre comes in a variety of colours, blue, red, ocean blue, purple and also yellow. You can find these over on the Boots website currently priced at £89.50.

Product description

The NSA UV Travel Centre Deluxe is a multi purpose tent that offers a high level protection from harmful UV rays and provides a safe and comfortable place to play or sleep.There are no fiddly poles or frames to erect, just unzip from its zip-up carry bag, remove the safety strap and the Travel Centre Deluxe pops up ready for use. Folds away in seconds for easy storage and portability. This is also a certified Travel Cot. Very lightweight, this product can be carried as hand luggage on flights (remove tent pegs before flying) in case of delays at airports, etc. Sprung loaded, pops up and folds away in seconds
Key Features
  • Pops up in seconds and folds away just as fast
  • Multi purpose - UV protected for outdoor use & certified as Travel Cot
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Roll up window covers
  • Self-inflating mattress (can be used independently)
  • Washable sleeping mat
  • Insect mesh for added protection
  • Side panels can be closed

Hazards and Cautions

  • Fire precautions - do not place hot appliances near the walls or roof
  • Always observe safety instructions for this product
  • Never allow children to play near hot product
  • Do not leave your child unattended
  • Front access opening must be closed securely
  • Do use if any part is broken torn or missing
  • When folded store away from children
  • Mattress should be zipped securely into base of Travel Centre
  • Only mattress supplied should be used with this product

                           Disclosure: We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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