Friday, 10 June 2016


Both Alesha and Alana are still at a young age, where they tend to have spillage accidents now and again whilst drinking from a cup.
Our recent spillage accident was only this morning, when Alana put down her cup on the table. Which she then somehow managed to knock with her elbow and away went the fresh orange juice, all over the table and then dripped down onto daddy's trousers.

They both have a sports bottle that they mostly use when out and about but at home we let them use small cups, so they get used of using one. Accidents always happen happen ay, it's the only way to learn in life, right?

The girls were sent an OXO Twist Water Bottle to review and as you can imagine there was a debate between them both over who tried out the bottle first. We let Alesha use it first as Alana was currently drinking some water from her cup.

These bottles are ideal because little ones can sip upto 12 ounces on the go with this twist top water bottle. The twist top keeps the soft, comfortable straw clean and leak free. The carrying loop makes it comfortable for little hands to hold, whilst the large opening makes refills quick and cleaning easy.

The twist motion on these bottle aren't complicated at all, both girls easily twisted the top and out popped the straw, which was good as no struggle or help from mummy and daddy was needed.
These bottles come in 3 different colours, green, blue and pink. 
They can be purchased from various online stores including Amazon for only £8.00 + free delivery. 

No doubt are these bottles a definite must have, at home and out and about. Alesha has insisted that she wants to take this bottle to school on Monday to use for her water drink instead of her normal sports bottle.

Imogen was kindly sent a Roll-Up Bib for review. 

If you're looking for less mess when feeding baby at home or on the go, then this is a product you will need!

The bib features a wide, soft, food-safe pocket, with a velcro closure secure enough to resist tots tugging. To store simply just roll the bibs fabric into the silicone pocket, easy as 1,2,3. 

No need to worry about it taking up much space in the changing bag. Once it's rolled up it can be easily slotted into a small space in and bag. 

We decided to splash out and give our 11 month old daughter Imogen the chance to try some cake for the first time. We bought her a bubblebum icing flavoured bun whilst at our local butchers this morning.

The bib no doubt done the job or collecting the dropping from her bun, it was then easy to empty into the bin and wipe the bib clean. 

I found these online at Marks and Spencers for a reasonable price of £12.00. This bib will no doubt become a regular used bib in our house, it's great!
For further OXO baby and toddler products pop on over to their website

                            Disclosure: We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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