Thursday, 22 September 2016

Alana's 4th Birthday

I'm currently laid in bed on the laptop, whilst my 3 little girls are fast asleep and as I began to type 'Alana's 4th Birthday', I felt my eyes fill up. Wasn't that long ago, she used to hold onto the furniture as she was learning to walk and now my big girl is 4, already!?

On the morning of her birthday, 15th September she woke up to lots of presents. She was over the moon with her new toys and clothes. She was more pleased to be bringing a cake into nursery to share and to show her teacher her big girl birthday badge.

We decided to have a surprise party for her, after she'd finished nursery. Me and Mr.R were running about like headless chickens trying to get everything sorted. The chocolate fountain was a big faff on, 10 big bars of chocolate it took before it flowed nicely.
Alana's nanny and papa (Mr.R's mother & step dad) helped us out by collecting Alana from nursery and taking her into town to choose a toy for her birthday. Whilst they were in town we get the garden set up. Before we knew it, it was fast approaching 3.00pm so Mr.R jumped in the car and went and collected Alesha from school. 

Everyone started arriving from 3.20, we were all waiting for the birthday princess. Then nanny & papas car pulled up outside and out of the car came the birthday girl. The first thing she said was, "nanny isit my birthday"? Then got really excited and came running in and straight onto the bouncy castle with her friends and sisters. 

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