Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Caprera - NEW Online Marketplace For Food & Drink UK

'For too long we’ve stood by and let big companies dictate: what we should be eating, how it should be produced, where it should come from. We have let ‘good food’ be redefined, twisted, and distorted until the bare minimum we should expect has been rebranded as ‘finest’ - and we accept this as a treat?
But it doesn’t have to be this way.
Don’t you think you deserve better? We do. We want to be the antithesis of a faceless enterprise. We want ‘good food’ to actually mean something again.
So what does good food mean to us?
No use of chemicals preservatives or artificial flavourings and colourings.
No use of genetically modified organisms or seed varieties.
No use of antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones.
Grown and produced with pride by caringindependent producers, who mindfully source their ingredients and reject mass production.
We want people to realise that this is what food should be; to remind them that this standard of quality is possible. To us good food is more a slogan…. it’s a pre-requisite.
These are the standards we set for ourselves and all of our partners. This is why we only work with independent producers. These are real people who know good food, who take pride in their products, who pour their heart and soul into creating food and drink that is always outstanding. Always made with love.
When it comes to good food we hold ourselves and our producers to these standards; shouldn’t you?'
Caprera - As it should be.
By offering an affordable, convenient way to access traceable, quality food; Caprera is looking to change customer expectations in terms of what should and what really shouldn’t be classed as good food. The site can be found at
Whilst looking through the website, I came across this hamper, 'Best of the World', the title alone caught my eye. I then went on to read the conents and instantly thought to myself, "wow this would be ideal for my friend that loves to travel". It's packed with products and different parts of the world. Many other hampers and food/drink on the site, most definitely worth a visit. 

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