Saturday, 8 October 2016

Alana Started Playing Toddler Rugby - Hartlepool Rovers

Since Alana has started nursery, we felt that we should try find a class of some sort for her to attend after school or either on a weekend.
Dancing, singing or another girly we found was out of the question, as she doesn't enjoying those activities as much as her older sister Alesha who is 6.

We then thought "bingo", maybe she would enjoy rugby! Seen as though she has always got heaps of energy to burn. Out of our 3 girls, more times than often it's Alana that tends to be needing to do stuff as she is constantly full of energy. 
Hartlepool Rovers appealed to us in more ways than one. As it's only a 5 minute walk (that's if Mr.R was at work, as I don't drive). The toddler session was always early on a Sunday morning. Which was ideal because it meant we then have the rest of the day to go and do stuff. Plus, Mr.R has a cousin that started his rugby training there, when he was young and now plays for a very successful rugby team.

Her first session was a fortnight ago, I was a little nervous because Mr.R was at work and I was panicking incase Alana didn't like it or she had an accident etc, so Mr.R's dad came along with me and the kids. Happy to say Alana really enjoyed her first session and has since went to another and is now currently looking forward to going again in the morning. 

The only thing we're worried about is, how she finds it's difficult to concentrate and follow instructions. For example, when they have to wait for their turn to throw the ball, our little girl you would see rolling about the grass or pulling funny faces whilst the other children are happily stood watching and waiting. BUT, to us she is doing wonderful for actually taking part because she is currently being assessed for autism. 

We are so proud of Alana for agreeing to attend a social activity with other children, and long may it continue.

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