Wednesday, 12 October 2016

My Kids Look So Grown Up With Abit Of Make-Up!

Yesterday after school, we had Alesha's friend Libby over for tea. Her mother had to pop out after school for a few hours, so I said I'd mind her because she is no bother.

Mr.R picked the kids up from school, whilst I stayed home with our little one Imogen. It was a cold, wet day outside what better reason to stay inside, ay?

When the girl's arrived home from school, they relaxed at the table and coloured in a pattern book. I was busy in the kitchen preparing a buffet tea for us all to enjoy. We had garlic bread, pizza, chicken goujons, potato wedges and ice cream for dessert. Only cost £5 for everything including the ice-cream, thanks to CO-OP and their £5 frozen meal deal.

After tea, the children asked if they could have a pamper evening. So I contacted Libby's mam and she said it was ok to put nail varnish on Libby's toes and a touch of make up ( which can be easily washed off). 
The kids were over the moon when I said, "do you want me to paint your nails and put a little bit of my make-up on you?" 
I done Alana first, then Alesha and then Libby. Then one by one they went upstairs and choose a dressing up costume. I took a photo of each of them and there response was "woooow look at me" when I showed it to them.

The rest of our evening was spent, having a dance to a few cheesy pop songs, before the kids washed the make-up off before school the following morning.

I looked at the photos this morning and can't get over how grown up my girl's look with abit of make-up on. It was the first time I put make-up on, will be a long time till I do it again. I don't want my children to grow up thinking they need make-up to look good etc.



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