Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Gender Reveled - Baby Number 4

I woke up ever so early, even before the kids yesterday morning.

The day had arrived to find out the sex of baby number 4, the excitement was unbelievable! I couldn't'' wait for Brandon to wake up so I nudged him and erm accidentally woke him whilst saying, "it's d day, we finally find out the sex of our baby!"

We were all so exited even the children, Alesha and Alana sat at the table that morning eating breakfast discussing whether it was a boy or a girl. Imogen stayed at her nanny and papas house the night before, due to us having to go straight tot he hopsital after we dropped Alesha and Alana off at school and nursery.

Me and Alesha went for girl, whilst Brandon and Alana thought boy. 

The scan went well, baby is measuring good and everything looked normal. Then came the question, "would you like to know the sex of the baby?" Both mine and Brandons faces lite up with excitement as we said "yes please"! The lady then pointed to 3 white lines on the screen and said "you're having a girl congratulations."

My gut instinct was correct after that I was carrying a baby girl. We were over the moon to be able to have found out as I don't think either of us could of waiting till the baby was born. 

We couldn't wait to tell Alesha and Alana and see their little faces light up with happiness. 
Brandon colelcted Alana from nursery so I let him tell her the news. Alana response was "aww no daddy me and you got it wrong we said it was a boy." Bless her she is still happy and now keeps talking about her baby sister in my belly.

As soon as I walked into the school yard to colelct Alesha, she came running over to me shouting "mum is it a boy or a girl". When I told her she was shouting "yes yes I'm having a baby sister". Then off she skipped happily to the car.

This weekend we are all going out on a shopping trip and the girls and choose some clothes etc for their little sister.

I'm still on cloud 9 to think that I'm going to be a mother of 4 little drama queens. Think it's time Brandon built a man cave in the back garden for abit of peace haha!

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Preston Park - Dig For It - February Half Term (Saturday 11- Sunday 26 February)

On Friday we decided to take the children to an event called 'Dig For It', which was taking place at Preston Park in Stockton-On-Tees. 

Alesha and Alana were really excited and couldn't wait to get ready that morning. We thought it would be a good idea for the kids to wear wellies and us to wear boots, as we guessed it would involves getting muddy. 

When we arrived about 12.35pm the car park was full, cars were even parked in the coach bays. We drove round and around in circles for 5 minutes and then we managed to get a parking space as somebody was pulling out. 
I felt sorry for the large number of cars that were arriving as we were getting sorted because there was literally nowhere to park. Car park is too small especially for such a popular park and museum. 
It only cost £5 in total for entry for us all, which I thought was a very good price. 
We first had a stroll through the Victorian street, which was set
back in time. It was set out lovely starting by, stepping over the clock, ticking backwards and entering a time gone by.
The kids we intrigued to learn about the different items and roles etc back in the 1895. 
There was sadly only 3 premises that had members of staff in to talk to and find out information, which was the police station, sweet shop and tea room. I was very disappointed because reading on Preston Park website it states alot more even a toy shop (which was closed) and a violin maker. 
When we reached the end of Victorian street there was 5 trays laid of with some sand in and the children could look in the sand for pretend bones etc. Once you found 3 you brought them across into a room where you drew a picture of your favorite one. 

Alesha and Alana enjoyed it, but they were disappointed as it was nothing like they had expected and it only lasted 10 minutes. They thought they would be digging in mud and not playing with sand in a tray like in nursery. 
Imogen on the otherhand had great fun, she cried when it was time to leave the sand tray.

The play park was lovely and very big, so we let the kids play there for a while after the dig event.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Pregnancy: 16 weeks + 6 days - Bump Photo

I feel and look like my baby bump has grown so much over night.

I just couldn't resist taking a bump photo after my bath when I put on a pair of Pj's. Yup, you guessed it! They were indeed too small to cover my bump now, at only 16 weeks pregnant!

All of my other pregnancy I've had a fairly smallish bump until just after halfway (20 weeks). My 3 girl's were small birth weights aswel, Alesha was 6lbs 9oz, Alana was 6lbs 13oz and Imogen was 5lbs 10oz. Imogen I had a sweep at 38 weeks because she had stopped growing, no fear of this one not growing haha!

The only worrying concern I have at the moment, is not feeling baby kick everyday. I felt it kick once 2 days ago and haven't felt anything since. I thought I would feel the kicking quite early on due to it being my forth pregnancy. 

I need not to worry too much because we bought a doppler and baby's heartbeat is perfect!
Here is some photos of Alesha & Alana listening to baby's heartbeat, they were over the moon and now keep asking can I do it again.