Friday, 10 March 2017

My 3 Little Ladies

Having more than child, can mean having to retake a photo more than 10 times because there is always one child who isn't looking at the camera!

With Imogen being 19 months, she is a tad confused when we take photos of her with her big sisters. Shes probably thinking, not my mother again saying "say cheeseeeee", what is she even on about? I look upto Alesha at one side of me and she is smiling looking at mum and at the other side is Alana doing exactly the same thing. Guess I'm ment to smile and look at mum, here goes!

I finally managed to get a lovely photo of my 3 little ladies, bright and early on a morning just before school. The photo was taken on my bed as I was having a lazy morning (due to not having much sleep joys of pregnancy) . Brandon got the children ready for school and brought them upto to me so I can do their hair. 

Won't be long and Imogen will be joining her two big sister's in school uniform.

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  1. It's a beautiful photo, definitely one to treasure x