Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Win tickets to The Baby Show at NEC Birmingham May 2017

This May get ready to enjoy a fantastic shopping experience at the UK’s leading pregnancy and parenting event of the year. The Baby Show with MadeForMums will be taking place from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st May, at the NEC Birmingham. Find everything you need for bump, baby and you - with amazing offers all in one place, for three days only!

The show is a great way to get hands on and try before you buy. Brand and product experts will be on hand to tell you everything you need to know, so it’s a great opportunity to compare products and find the right fit for you. There will be over 200 exhibitors showcasing a huge array of essential baby products from trusted brands as well as the latest innovations. All the major baby retailers will be there, alongside market leading brands such as iCandy, Stokke, UppaBaby, Chicco, Britax, MAM, Nuby, Mothercare and Italian brand Peg Perego!  There will also be independent brands that you won’t find on the high street. And once you’ve shopped until you’ve dropped, don’t worry about all the carrying as you can take advantage of the free Emma’s Diary Collect-By-Car service where you can drop off all your purchases and continue until you’ve got a car full. 

There will be a wonderful line up of speakers on The Baby Show Stage with MadeForMums including experts from the world of breastfeeding, sleep and nutrition!

It really is a must-attend show for mums and dads to be, parents, friends and family members.  

We’ve team up with The Baby Show to give away 2 pairs of tickets worth £20 each! 

The Baby Show is taking place on Friday 19th May – Sunday 21st May inclusive, open from 9.30am to 5pm each day.  Standard on the door tickets are £20.  For more information please visit

 Ticket Competition Terms & Conditions
No purchase necessary. Entrants must be aged 18 years or over. Competition is open to UK residents only.

Entry into this competition confirms your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and your agreement to be bound by the decisions of The Baby Show.  

Entry is strictly limited to one person per ticket code. The winner will be notified by email or phone call once the competition closes. The winners will be selected at random from all the correct entries received before the closing date and time. All prizes must be accepted as offered. There can be no alternative awards, cash or otherwise.  Entrants will receive a ticket code which can be activated at Tickets cannot be sold on to third parties.

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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Pram Chosen For Baby Number 4 - Cosatto Ooba

When it comes to pram shopping, I am totally within my element. I could look at prams all day long, I'd love to be an actual pram tester haha!

I've lost count the number of prams and strollers, that I've purchased since having my first child in 2009. Between my 3 children I've had over 15 prams/strollers. 

With me currently being 28 weeks pregnant it was definitely time to do my partners head in and ask to go pram shopping (again)! It only took me a few hours to decide on a pram and it wasn't jsut any pram, it was one that my partner really liked the look of aswel. Now it's normally hard to please my partner when it comes to prams, as in his words "it's just a pram, get anyone"! But when we came across the Cosatto Ooba in marzipan colour he was intrigued with the colour and leather look material.

So our little new addition to our family in July has her pram ready and waiting for her under the stairs. Brandon has already put it up an pushed it around the living room (more excited than me I reckon). I even got a quick photo of him testing the pram haha!

I'm looking forward to using a pram with a carrycot, as my previous 3 travel systems prams I bought only had the car seat but this time I opted for a carrycot. I feel like a little child at Christmas time, just want the weeks to roll on now so I can take my little princess out for a stroll in the pram. 

Monday, 24 April 2017

Pregnancy: Week 28

28 Week Bump Photo

On Friday morning I had my consultant appointment over at my local Hartlepool hospital.
It was a nerve racking time because there was also doctors from the cardiology department in the room, thankfully my other half was able to get a 'pass out' from work so he could attend the appointment with me.

Overall the appointment went really well, I couldn't of hoped for a better outcome. They are going to treat me as a 'normal' pregnant woman, as I've got a heart monitor fitted as so far my heart has only had slight hiccups and nothing major. I was advised to treat any infections etc I get a.s.a.p as it will cause strain on my heart and my heart is already working overtime with me being pregnant.

My consultant was pleased with the outcome from the cardiology team. I therefore don't need to see the cardiology team again until after I have the baby. I'm back to see my consultant in 3 weeks time, as I'm being closely monitored and having a number of scans due to small growth of litttle miss inside my womb.

Having small babies is nothing new to me, as my first baby Alesha weighed 6lbs 9oz born 39 weeks + 2 days, my second baby Alana weighed 6lbs 13oz born 40 weeks + 2 days and my third baby Imogen weighed 5lbs 10oz born 38 weeks. 
I did have the sweep with Imogen as the doctors recon my placenta stopped working near to the end of my pregnant, therefore Imogen stopped growing. Thankfully my waters broke that evening after the sweep and I gave birth to Imogen early hours. 

I'm starting to feel alot of movement and kicks etc these last few days. My placenta is at the front so it is kind of acting like a barrier so I don't tend to feel many kicks (which can be worrying). 

I think within the next few days I may make a start on washing some of little miss clothes and getting them put away. Alesha and Alana are looking forward to helping me arrange the baby stuff. 

Exhausted new parents lose out on over 650 hours of sleep a year!

Exhausted new parents lose out on over 650 hours of sleep a year
Research finds sleep deprivation is the most stressful challenge about becoming a parent

Research out today by children’s reading charity BookTrust reveals new parents are completely sleep deprived in the child’s first few years, losing out on a whopping 657 hours per year, which equates to almost four weeks of less sleep a year.  
BookTrust, the UK’s largest children’s reading charity also found:
·         Sleep deprivation is the most stressful challenge about becoming a parent, second only to worries about children’s health
·         A fifth of new parents (21%) have taken a day off work in order to catch up on lost sleep
·         Children not following a Bath, Book, Bed routine are less relaxed at bedtime, get up more often during the night and get fed more frequently
The survey polled over 1,000 families on bedtime routines and sleeping habits and revealed that half of parents who don’t follow a Bath, Book, Bed routine would favour a night of uninterrupted sleep over romantic weekends and nights out with friends. Health, productivity and sense of humour also suffer in those who aren’t following the nightly routine with 34% eating poorly, 24% nodding off during the day and 34% taking a knock to their sense of humour.
BookTrust’s annual Bath, Book, Bed campaign aims to solve these problems in three easy steps, encouraging parents to stick to a simple bedtime routine and asking families to share stories as a regular part of bedtime to help their little ones sleep soundly.
Jo Frost, worldwide parenting expert and BookTrust Ambassador said: “BookTrust’s Bath, Book, Bed campaign is a really straightforward approach to tackling a problem that most parents with young children face – the bedtime battle. Bedtime routines do not need to be complicated for especially-tired parents on their last legs. Implementing healthy sleeping habits, and a consistent bedtime routine will not only calm down the child and parents but, provide an environment so that both child and parent can read together helping them both relax and wind down. Meaning everyone will be well-rested, happier and healthier.”
Diana Gerald, CEO of BookTrust said: “BookTrust understands how troublesome it can be for parents to get young children to sleep and we know that sometimes it can feel like a never-ending struggle, so we’re sending out 450,000 copies of our Bath, Book, Bed booklet filled with advice and tips to help families tackle bedtime head on and ensure everyone gets a good night’s sleep.”
Sweet dreams start with a simple routine. Families can get involved by attending events or visiting to register for tips, advice and recommended bedtime books. Get involved on social media @booktrust #bathbookbed

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

From Toe Dippers To Cannonballs In Just One Holiday

Heading off for the sun this summer with kids?  If they haven’t mastered the art of swimming before you go, they will by the time you return, if you heed the advice of swimming instructor, Chris Shore, the inventor of Aquaplane, the latest aid to make a splash in the swimming sector. 
‘It’s all about feeling confident and safe. Aquaplane straps to a child’s back, leaving their arms free from resistance, enabling them to stretch out in the water, and achieve the correct body position naturally and easily’ say Chris.
Though Aquaplane is great for beginners it also adapts to take a child through all the different stages to further their swimming techniques.
Chris continues: ‘Aquaplane will help a child to learn to swim on their back, too.  The wide & low profile enables the learner to have more balance and the patented design gives a superior streamlined position compared to all other swimming aids.

Once your child is through the early stages of development, you can then remove the straps and AquaPlane can be used as a kick board to enhance stroke development.
As further progress is achieved, AquaPlane turns into a performance tool to build stamina and strength.’
Chris, who has coached many former championship swimmers adds: ‘Whilst Aquaplane might not guarantee a place in the Olympic swimming team, it will certainly give your child the confidence he or she needs to kick start the process this summer.’
Aquaplane  has also received the expert input and endorsement from two luminaries in championship swimming – Chris Shore, Chris Cooke (Team GB Athens ’04 and Biejing, ’08) as well as swimming instructor and Commonwealth Games team member, Dan Coombs (Delhi’10).
Aquaplane is suitable for children aged from 3 upwards and is available from and priced at £24.99.

Kids Grow Up Too Quick

I always remember being pregnant with my first child, back in 2009. I would generally get the comment, "cherish every moment because they grow up too quick"! I used to give a 'hmm ok' type of giggle and agree with them.
How can they grow up too quick? Why is it such a used phrase? Babies just generally grow up day by day and not too quick. Each stage and milestone lasts a number of weeks. I remember loads of questions whirling around my head and just generally thinking, people were mad for saying that phrase.

I'd say, it wasn't until I was pregnant with my second child, back in 2012 it made me realise how much I actually agreed with that phrase, "cherish every moment because they grow up too quick"!
Simply because I was due to have another baby but yet it felt like my first born Alesha was still a baby until I looked a her and thought deeply about the huge difference there is going to be between them both. 

The years have well and truly flown by and it's scary to think that at the age of 28, I'm going to be a mother of 4 young girls within a few weeks time! It doesn't feel 7 years since I brought my first baby into the world. Each of them have learnt so much and have progressed with a different milestone every so often, whether it's crawling, doing a handstand or even learning to balance on one foot. 
I have tears in my eyes as I write this post, but only tears of purse joy and achievement. Me and Brandon have raised clever little ducklings and I feel blessed to be their mother.

Energetic morning in our household 

This evening I was relaxing on the couch as my pelvic and hips were aching (joys of being pregnant), so Brandon gave the kids a bath for me. After he got Alana dried and dressed she went into her bedroom, that she shares with her older sister and happily sat up on Alesha's dressing table brushing her hair in a world of her own. Brandon sneakily took photos of her and came downstairs to show me, as it made his heart melt how mature she looked and acted for a 4 year old.

As tiring as everyday maybe, I'm just proud as punch of my little tribe and can't wait to welcome our finally baby into the world in July.