Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Pram Chosen For Baby Number 4 - Cosatto Ooba

When it comes to pram shopping, I am totally within my element. I could look at prams all day long, I'd love to be an actual pram tester haha!

I've lost count the number of prams and strollers, that I've purchased since having my first child in 2009. Between my 3 children I've had over 15 prams/strollers. 

With me currently being 28 weeks pregnant it was definitely time to do my partners head in and ask to go pram shopping (again)! It only took me a few hours to decide on a pram and it wasn't jsut any pram, it was one that my partner really liked the look of aswel. Now it's normally hard to please my partner when it comes to prams, as in his words "it's just a pram, get anyone"! But when we came across the Cosatto Ooba in marzipan colour he was intrigued with the colour and leather look material.

So our little new addition to our family in July has her pram ready and waiting for her under the stairs. Brandon has already put it up an pushed it around the living room (more excited than me I reckon). I even got a quick photo of him testing the pram haha!

I'm looking forward to using a pram with a carrycot, as my previous 3 travel systems prams I bought only had the car seat but this time I opted for a carrycot. I feel like a little child at Christmas time, just want the weeks to roll on now so I can take my little princess out for a stroll in the pram. 

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