Monday, 24 April 2017

Pregnancy: Week 28

28 Week Bump Photo

On Friday morning I had my consultant appointment over at my local Hartlepool hospital.
It was a nerve racking time because there was also doctors from the cardiology department in the room, thankfully my other half was able to get a 'pass out' from work so he could attend the appointment with me.

Overall the appointment went really well, I couldn't of hoped for a better outcome. They are going to treat me as a 'normal' pregnant woman, as I've got a heart monitor fitted as so far my heart has only had slight hiccups and nothing major. I was advised to treat any infections etc I get a.s.a.p as it will cause strain on my heart and my heart is already working overtime with me being pregnant.

My consultant was pleased with the outcome from the cardiology team. I therefore don't need to see the cardiology team again until after I have the baby. I'm back to see my consultant in 3 weeks time, as I'm being closely monitored and having a number of scans due to small growth of litttle miss inside my womb.

Having small babies is nothing new to me, as my first baby Alesha weighed 6lbs 9oz born 39 weeks + 2 days, my second baby Alana weighed 6lbs 13oz born 40 weeks + 2 days and my third baby Imogen weighed 5lbs 10oz born 38 weeks. 
I did have the sweep with Imogen as the doctors recon my placenta stopped working near to the end of my pregnant, therefore Imogen stopped growing. Thankfully my waters broke that evening after the sweep and I gave birth to Imogen early hours. 

I'm starting to feel alot of movement and kicks etc these last few days. My placenta is at the front so it is kind of acting like a barrier so I don't tend to feel many kicks (which can be worrying). 

I think within the next few days I may make a start on washing some of little miss clothes and getting them put away. Alesha and Alana are looking forward to helping me arrange the baby stuff. 

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