Thursday, 4 May 2017

30 Weeks Pregnant - Trip To Hospital With Food Poisoning

The nerves are slowly kicking in now as the time draws closer, only 10 weeks away till my due date. The flash backs of the pain I'm going to endure during labour haunts me, but I just keep picturing holding my tiny baby in my arms to make me feel that bit better!

Bank holiday Monday was a scary time, as I ended up in hospital with bad stomach and lower back ache. 

Monday morning I felt the usual, tired and sick but it slowly started to ease off as the day progressed. We arranged to meet Brandon's cousin and her 4 children at our local Fayre & Square - Merry Go Round to have dinner around noon. 

All 7 children sat and behaved beautifully, they had crayons and sheets of paper to colour in, which kept them occupied until food was served. As soon as the waitress put my plate in front of me, I could feel my stomach turn. I ordered lasagne with garlic bread, the lasagne looked like it had been reheated numerous times but I just kept my mouth shut and slowly ate three quarters of the meal. 

After we all finished our meals, my partner decided to tell me that he thought exactly the same about my meal when he seen it, but didn't want to say anything to me as I'd already tucked in to enjoy it haha!

All the children done really well with their meals, we stayed for a few minutes after we had finished eating to have a little natter amongst oursleves. I felt ok just a little bloated and insisted we should start to make our way back to the cars.

As we said goodbye to Mel and the children, my stomach slowly started to ache. Then half way home I began to get really sore cramping pains in my lower stomach, "owwwwwwww Brandon please get me home I'm in agony"! Alesha and Alana kept asking if I was ok, "yes" I managed to reply whilst slowly breathing through the cramping pains.

Once we arrived home the kids stayed out in the garden to play, whilst Brandon insisted he would make sure I got upto bed ok and brought me 2 paracetamol for the pain. "I'll be ok", I said "you go ahead outside and finish whatever DIY you wanted to do in the garden". 

I made it to the bathroom just as Brandon got reached the bottom step and that's when I shouted, "BRANDON"! He came up to find me sat on the toilet but vomiting into my trousers and knickers, which were around my ankles! He kept reasurring me that I'll be ok and he wasn't leaving me. 
After a few minutes, he cleaned the mess up in the bathroom as I slowly cleaned myself up and hobbled back into bed still in pain but now just in my lower back.

Brandon went outside but kept texting me to make sure I was ok. Then I suggested he should ring his mother to see if she could mind the children whilst he took me to the local walk in centre to be checked over (more so to make sure the baby was okay).

After I was seen to at the walk in centre, and my urine came back with 3+ keytones and 1+ infection. I was advised to go to maternity at my local hospital. 

Upon arrival, my urine was tested again and came back the same results. I was put on a monitor, so they could keep track of the baby's heartbeat to make sure all was okay with baby, which it was. 
I was asked if I ate any new foods, to which I replied yes I ate out earlier that day. That's what they put the sickness and pain down to as I was okay all along and felt abit better after vomiting it up.

I was luckily allowed home 2 hours later, as I managed to keep down some food and water so therefore the keytones dropped to 1+.

I'm back to my normal self now, just feeling tired but I've only got 10 weeks to go, hooray!!!

Back in hospital next week for growth scan, fingers crossed little miss has grown.

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