Sunday, 14 May 2017

31 Weeks Pregnant Bump Photo

I've reached the single figure countdown, only 9 weeks left until due date (13th July).
Baby has been head down since my 28 week scan. I had another scan on Friday, baby is measuring well, placenta is still at the front and little miss is still head down and ready. 

I'm nowhere near ready for her arrival, so hoping that she is just comfy in that position and not waning to arrive into the big wide world too early.

I've washed and put away all her teeny tiny clothes and bedding. Just need to wash the moses basket cover and her blankets (once I've got her name embroidered onto them on Tuesday). 

Whilst out shopping this morning I picked up a few packs of heavy sanitary towels, which I'm going to pack into my hospital bag, whenever I get round to doing it. As I put the packets into the basket, Alana says "mam you don't need all them face wipes"! haha she gave me and Brandon a good giggle.

Trying to sleep on a night is becoming fairly difficult as my hips ache. I find myself turning from side to side every couple of minutes. Even just trying to roll over onto my side is proving to be a slow difficult task.

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